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Where to Buy Edibles

Cannabis, without a doubt is one of the only medicated substances that lends itself so nicely to be combined with food for a more pleasurable medicating experience. So the question of “Where to Buy Edibles” seems like a very simple one, however if you read through the following options, you will find out why many people are still having some difficulty finding access to good quality edibles.

The majority of people who take time to get in touch with us are often new to trying cannabis infused edibles, and look to rely on us to properly guide and educate them on usage, effects and potency. Ultimately most of our followers are simply trying to get knowledgeable and to explore the various ways that are available to access quality edibles to try out, or to medicate with on a consistent basis.

Edibles are intended for use as medication to treat a variety of medical conditions, and through our services, can be obtained if you you have access to cannabis that in most cases was prescribed by your doctor. The problem that many people report however, is that their doctors may not be comfortable prescribing cannabis over more traditional pharmaceutical options. For people who can’t obtain a prescription from their family physician, it can be very difficult and frustrating, so we’re trying to help out here by listing the some popular methods that people are using, so you are aware of all your choices.

What Are My Options

While Full Legalization for recreational consumption is expected to be declared later this year, there is still broad-scale debate on what defines the boundaries under which a retailer or caregiver is authorized to offer products to their clients. People who come to us are typically just looking for relief, but often express much confusion on what options they have, and which they should go with.

  • Work with a Recomended Private Caregiver
  • Shop at a Trusted Local Dispensary
  • Obtain a prescription through Membership Club

For a long time Canadian cannabis users as a collective have been making strong claims to their right to access cannabis without restrictions. While we are not declaring any political stance on this issue, we do fully support it and believe strongly in the healing powers of marijuana as a means to treat many common conditions. As an individual, you are free to take whatever position you feel comfortable with. And as caregivers, our first priority is the safety of our community.

Our mission is to help people like you, find easy, safe access to high quality medicinal edibles, and offer our recommendations on reputable sources. We are here to consult and explain what each of these avenues entails and can direct you with some recommendations.

How Do I Find a Caregiver

Connect with a Caregiver

Working with a third party Caregiver is probably the easiest way to get your hands on THC infused food products because nowadays, many Dispensaries are simply choosing not carrying edibles. The reason is because authorities have publicly targeted establishments that offer edibles as a way to press charges on health code violations instead of dishing out convictions for selling cannabis which are rumored to be reversed once full legalization comes into effect later this year. Even so, dispensaries don’t want the hassle of dealing with it, and seem content not to include within their product selection. In addition, Licenced Producers themselves are not permitted to sell food products, as Health Canada only allows the sale of flower and concentrates for medical use, and even a valid prescription leaves you with limited options.

Luckily we work with many food inspired Caregivers that are highly qualified and specialize in assisting people with their medical cannabis needs, while offering expert consultation on safety and best practices. If you’d like to speak with a Caregiver in an effort to access medicated edibles, we suggest following these steps.

Caregiver Application Process

What Local Dispensaries are Best to Deal With


Dispensaries have been popping up all over Toronto for the last few years, and even though the Federal Government does not deem them legitimate places to purchase medical cannabis, we can tell you that a good number of established sellers are run by the most knowledgeable people in the business.  It’s important however to weed out the good from the not so good, so if you’d like to check out a dispensary, you should first review our top list of professional establishments.

Select a Top Toronto Dispensary

Obtain a Prescription Through A Membership Club

Paid Membership to get Prescription

Our whole business originally started by working with patients who obtain their Medical Weed with a valid doctors prescription; helping them to convert their medication into edible format for easier consumption. The only critique we get from our followers however, is that there tends to be a lot of red tape and many steps involved. In addition, the overall costs can end up higher than just purchasing edibles outright from a direct source, especially since Health Canada hasn’t authorized LP’s to sell edibles.

Working with Veteran organizations and Medical treatment groups, we are fortunate to work mainly with high grade medical produce that comes from an LP, but still many new patrons are opting to get their edibles from other sources, as the pending legalization could mean they go though all that trouble for nothing.

Despite the abundant sources of excellent quality cannabis available through non approved retailers, many people still seek out a medical prescription, simply because they want access to the highest quality medical grade flower, grown under government regulated supervision. If this is the case for you, then you might want to consider becoming a member of a recommended Cannabis Health Club, and we suggest reviewing the section on getting a Medical Marijuana Card.

Seek a Medical Consultation