What Are Your Favorite Edibles?

Choose from Your Favorite Weed Edibles

We focus on production of products that our clients keep coming back for, and our clients have expressed feedback with what they prefer. They ask for smaller portion sizes, easier to take with you on the go, great tasting and and quick to consume. The following are our most popular items.


Incredible Weed Brownies

Available using one of three separate extraction methods of your choice, our brownies are not only moist, but also bursting with chocolaty flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Fabulous Blondies

Available in gluten and sugar free by request, and your choice in extraction method, this cookie can compete with any award winning grandmother’s secret recipe.


Seasoned Pretzels

Our coated and seasoned pretzels are a great savory snack. Eating the small portion of crunchy goodness is a delicious way to ingest a full dose of medication.



We’re not sure what it is about gummies, but people keep coming back for em’. They are sweet and compact so you can easily throw them in your bag when your out.


Sugar Cookies

These cookies are made from  simple ingredients and are light and delectable.

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