We Are Pioneers in Cannabis Infused Dining

Unique dining experiences that include Education, Entertainment and Great Food


Cannabis Dining or “High End Cuisine” as some refer to it, has officially gone mainstream!  With Cannabis culture growing in leaps and bounds the long overdue views on acceptance is breaking new ground every day and people are becoming increasingly interested in exploring all the new tantalizing ways to and enjoy cannabis socially with others. It makes sense then when you think about it; cannabis is a source of joy and comfort for many people across the world, and so is coming together with friends and family to break bread and share happy times. Many LP’s are now publishing online content about using existing cannabis oils in different recipes and the OCS website even contains a section including “Helpful Tips to Know before Cooking with Cannabis”.


We’ve seen the demand for Infused Dining Events continue to increase steadily over the last several years with more and more requests coming in all the time. We continue to work within the confines of the law to occasionally offer up these unique experiences for Canadians interested in trying something new. In the world of food there are endless possibilities, and by incorporating our knowledge and experience with cannabis infusions we’re able to set customized dosages according to each guest’s personal tolerance, and monitor to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained.

Private dining events that we’ve run in the past have typically included an educational component as well. We can reinforce proper guidelines and safety tips when it comes to responsible consumption and everyone can gain a deeper understanding around “Cooking with Cannabis”. Guests generally have a natural curiosity about things and greatly appreciate the ability to chat directly with the chefs to ask any questions they may have.

Ask anybody who’s ever been to one of our events and I think you’ll struggle to get anything but positive reviews all around.  We’re fortunate to have dealt with so many wonderful people while running these events and every Infused Dining Experience we’ve performed so far has been fun and unique in its own way. We’re excited to keep raising the bar and continuing to contribute to the advancement and evolution of “Culinary Cannabis”.


Due to current legislation the hospitality industry has not yet been able to integrate cannabis dining at public restaurants or events, however by having hosts or guests provide their own legally obtained cannabis for the infusion, it has become feasible to offer “cooking with cannabis” related services to those that seek it.

There are a number of culinary professionals throughout Canada who have been putting together Cannabis Infused Dinner events for some time now. If you decide to embark on a journey with  any cannabis chef, we encourage you to follow the same precautions and tips as you would follow when consuming edibles, and ensure that you are dealing with somebody well recognized and having a proven track record of successful events.