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There is a growing number of dispensaries popping up in Toronto and within the GTA. And while there are many top quality establishments, there are still a number of places that are not run properly and with their clients safety as top priority, and should be avoided.

As part of the medical cannabis community, we have met with a number of the more reputable stores and have consulted with owners about edibles and concentrates. If you are going to deal with a local establishment, the Green Chef recommends the following Medical Marijuana Dispensaries as trustworthy and knowledgeable.


Community The Green Leaf Danforth


Community Queens of Cannabis

What To Consider When Choosing A Dispensary

When you visit enough dispensaries, you will notice there are a wide array of establishments, both good and bad. Some places are very polished retail storefronts and you can tell that management is very familiar with operating within the confines of the Medical cannabis community and general public retail guidelines, while other places are negligent with the rules and have limited measures in place for patron safety and well being. The following are a few items to check off when deciding whether or not a dispensary is the right one for you.

Offers Patient Support

  • Access and Contact Details to Support Groups
  • Information and Guidance regarding Safe and Effective Usage
  • Protocol for Special Care Patients with Unique Requirements
  • External Referrals to Health Care Services if Needed

Collaborates with Community

  • Avoids Inappropriate Advertising, and Promotion to Minors
  • Outlines Rights, Responsibilities and Expected Code of Conduct
  • Cooperates with other Local Neighborhood Establishments
  • Takes Precaution for Health and Safety of its Patrons

Upholds Patient Rights & Privacy

  • Follow Accepted Standards for Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Takes Precaution to Protect the Rights of the Patient
  • Policy Not to Share Information Without Consent
  • Rights are Outlined and Available for Review by Patient

Adheres to Compliance & Safety

  • Ensure Products are Dispensed in a Clean Environment
  • Regular Testing for Mould and Other Contaminants
  • Effective Security Measures in Place
  • Viable Payment Options are Made Available

Acts with Transparaency

  • Visible Sorefront Entrance with Active Security Protocol
  • Working Telephone Number that Gets Answered Directly
  • Regular and Consistent Hours of Operation
  • Products Sold by Weight are Measured in Front of the Client

Operates Under Moral Responsibility

  • Age and ID Verification
  • Confirmation of Diagnosis
  • Right to Refusal of Service
  • Act in the Interest of Public Safety

A Caregiver Can Also Help You

Even though there are plenty of reputable dispensaries within the GTA, not everybody has become comfortable walking into a public place and expressing an interest in marijuana. There still remains a stigma by some, with being seen by peers at a local establishment; and even then, many people also don’t know the right questions to ask and the steps they will need to take in order to make a purchase. For this reason, we suggest connecting with a qualified Caregiver who can act as a direct personal consultants, ready to help you with learning and best practices, as well as to outline the regulations that you must abide by.

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