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Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

We all agree Choice is very important! In order to have the most choices available to you as an individual, it’s recommended if you are a regular cannabis user to seek a valid prescription for medical marijuana. It’s your right to have easily accessible medicine prescribed for treatment of an ailment or condition.

By going through the process outlined here, you can have full legal rights to purchase marijuana under the policies set forth by Health Canada.  And with this status you will also now be accepted into most operating dispensary establishment who are validating patient records.  We make the process very easy for anybody.  All that you are required to do is review and follow these 3 steps.

Easy 3 Step Process

Having the ability to obtain your medicine by a Health Canada Licensed Producer of Medical Cannabis, offers a list of Advantages that may include the following:

  • All Products Meet Medical Grade Standards
  • Cannabis is Shipped to you Directly on a Monthly basis
  • Guidance & Information by Registered Nurses
  • Grown in World Class Production facility
  • Industry Excellence and Continued Scientific Research
  • Available Financial Assistance Program

How Do I go about Getting a Prescription?

For individuals interested in obtaining a Health Canada recognized medical prescription for using Medical Marijuana, our organization is prepared to provide support and guidance through the administrative process outlined here. Once you submit your details to us in the Pre-Qualification Form, we will make a referral to one of the Cannabis Health organizations that we work with. Once they review your case and determine if you are qualified, they will connect you with a doctor from their network of qualified physicians. These doctors are extremely knowledgeable about the use of medical marijuana for therapeutic reasons, and if the doctor determines that cannabis is a recommended treatment for your conditions(s) then from there you will have the ability to obtain a valid prescription and medical marijuana card.

Doctors Prescription

Valid ID Must Be Presented

Valid ID Must Be Presented

You will be asked to provide at least one piece of valid, government issued photo identification, that proves you are a Canadian citizen who is over 19

Agree to a Code of Conduct

Agree to a Code of Conduct

Complete the full Assessment and Member Application including details where you are agreeing to abide by specific code of conduct

Personal Information & Medical History

Personal Information & Medical History

The full application and assessment forms require personal details including First and Last Name, DOB, Health Card#, Full Address, Email, Name of you Doctor and Medical History.

Medical Conditions & Symptoms

Medical Conditions & Symptoms

You will be asked to indicate symptoms related to your primary condition, or the reason why you are requesting cannabis as medication. Main symptoms are listed including those related to pain, anxiety and depression, and you will be asked to rate severity on a scale of 1 to 5.

Consultation with Physician

Consultation with Physician

You will coordinate a direct consultation at a participating clinic where you will meet with the doctor.

Let’s Get Started
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Medical Cannabis Pre-Qualification Form

Still Thinking About it

If you’ve come this far but haven’t clicked on the RED button above to go to the Pre-Qual Form, then you’re probably still doing some research on your choices. Maybe you can find what you’re searching for at one of these links

Legalization is Scheduled for 2017
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Interested in Reviewing Current Regulations
Medical Marihuana Health Canada regulations are made public online by the Canadian Government

Health Canada - Drug & Health Products

There are other alternatives you may also wish to explore
We would be happy to consult with you if you are still unsure whether or not requesting a cannabis prescription is right for you. It’s normal to have questions, so please feel free to contact us by email or via the contact form down below. You can also review the information provided on our site about alternative channels cannabis users are opting to use.

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