1ST Place Winner, Karma Cup 2021

Karma Cup Winner 2021 Contest 1st Place Edibles

Achieving product excellence 🎯 begins with knowing the end customer and what they’re looking for. If you follow this philosophy and work diligently on perfecting the quality of your products then you’re more likely to come up with a series of winners! 🔥

The deluxe cookie that we entered as our Karma Cup entry ended up outperforming the rest in these following areas: smell, taste, texture, medicinal effects, nutritional value, innovation, ease of dosing, visual appeal, enjoyment and ultimately… would you buy it?

2021 Karma Cup Winner for Best Edible

Maybe we did so well because every product that comes out of our test kitchen is generally based on the same criteria.

Over the past 5 years we’ve been collecting qualitative data through research and product development. We’ve spent hundreds of hours communicating directly with cannabis users new and old, that primarily were seeking products they could use as an alternative to smoking.

Voted Best Edible 2021

The verdict is now official…
We make great cookies!
So honored to hold this trophy.

Holding the winning trophy