Green Market Toronto features the Best Craft Edible Cannabis Products

This pop-up market is a gathering of the best craft cannabis brands that meet together to display their latest and finest cannabis edible creations to the public.  The event happens approximately every one to two months and is run by a dynamic team of ladies, Lisa Campbell and Sarah Gillies.

The Green Chef is very lucky to be a part of this incredible group and it’s truly amazing how many great people we meet and how many wonderful brands come together to play part in this phenomenal event.

But this community does so much more than just run an event to help individuals find access to edibles and other cannabis related products. Behind the scenes they are working extremely hard to set the standards for safety and knowledge within the Cannabis Edibles industry within Canada.

The fine work Lisa and Sarah are doing is getting a lot of recognition and the event has been making the press regularly and has been featured in publications like: Financial Post, Globe & Mail, CBC, Toronto Star, Metro, VICE &


Setting Standards for Safety and Accurate Dosing

Why are the efforts of The Green Market so important? Cannabis is expected to become fully legalized by 2018, however it’s still unclear how edibles might be regulated in contrast to other related products that you can smoke or vape. This primarily is because the potency and duration of the effects from edibles is quite different than smoke-able products.

The Green Market sets common guidelines that all vendors are asked to adhere to. Products should be appropriately labeled with the accurate potency or medicinal strength using a standard measurement in mg of THC per item. It’s also important that deriving these numbers comes as a result of using lab tested product so that numbers will never be misleading from brand to brand, and the average person can feel assured they know exactly how much medication they are ingesting with any given product.

As a responsible participant in this community we are helping to mould the standards and in the future of the industry, it would be a great thing if the symbolic “G” would be a stamp on the packaging for all Canadian Edibles products whereby they would be required to pass all standards set by The Green Market.

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Recently a Green Market event was held in Montreal, and was covered by VICE

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