Do the Best Edibles in Vancouver come from the East Coast

I think the Canadian cannabis community is divided up much like the East Coast vs. West Coast Hip Hop scene. But undoubtedly there are quality edibles producers on both sides.

Historically Vancouver has always been the most liberal of  Canadian cities when it comes to openness and availability of recreational marijuana. However Ontario has become a central hub for much of the cannabis industry’s expansion, with a large majority or LP’s residing in the province, and Toronto being a place that in the past year or two, has experienced a huge explosion of grey market dispensaries popping up all over the city.

That being said, you would expect that cannabis edible enthusiasts from Vancouver, and even other west coast cities would still have plenty of local options they could count on to access cannabis products, edibles in particular. However we are still continually surprised at the amount of requests we receive regularly from Vancouver, Calgary and other major cities on the other side of Canada.

We don’t spend nearly as much time as we should participating in events within the Vancouver edibles scene, but clearly the reputation and buzz about the quality of our products is spreading clear across the country. As legalization approaches and the advantages of edibles are becoming more widely  accepted, it’s clear that people are understandably concerned with quality, accuracy and consistency when putting their trust in a source for medicated edibles. Vancouver edibles enthusiasts, you can rely on the Green Chef to provide the same level of guidance, service and support as our East coast clientele.