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Cannabis culture is growing in leaps and bounds, both for old school Marijuana enthusiasts and formal traditional non-users alike. Marijuana is a source of joy and comfort to many people across the world and with the long overdue views on acceptance breaking new ground every day more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in exploring new and tantalizing ways to medicate using the fine herb. Cannabis in edible format is the latest thing to hit mainstream!  “High” End cuisine?  Why wouldn’t you?

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There’s something quite unique about absorbing THC through gastronomy, and many people who rely on medicinal cannabis daily, are emphatic about having options other than smoking a joint or inhaling vapors all throughout the day.  The Green Chef Canada is now offering custom catering services which include a variety of dishes and desserts, based on your personalized requests and preferences.

Cooking with Cannabis
Marijuana Appetizers

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We Serve Marijuana Edibles to You & Your Guests

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If you use marijuana to self medicate then you must experience it for yourself. If you are a resident in the Toronto/GTA then let us come to your home and cook up a freshly prepared meal for you and up to five guests with specialty dishes of your choice. The select dishes will all be infused with medicinal cannabis for a delightful and pleasurable evening to be had by everybody.

During the event, Chef Kramer will be in attendance and will be happy to consult and answer any questions brought up at the gathering.

Each event includes:

  • 1- Main Course     (infused with medical cannabis)
  • 1- Appetizer          (infused with medical cannabis)
  • 1-Dessert               (infused with medical cannabis)
  • Personalized Overview / Consultation / Q&A
  • Serving groups of up 4 to 6 people.

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Every Person Can Have an Unforgettable Experience

All inclusive Pricing – Available on request

Lunch or Dinner appointments are available.
Please note there may be a staff of up to 3 people at your location at the time of the event. (ie. Chef, Server, Assistant)

Special conditions:  We must abide by present laws and can only supply medicinal cannabis to documented patients. If you or any guests are not registered with a licensed producer, then we can guide you through a very easy process to become a patient, and would gladly set-up a telephone discussion to review further details with you.

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