Host Your Own Edible Marijuana Party

We’ve started to work and collaborate with a growing network of talented chefs who are able to create exquisite dishes, guaranteed to tantalize. By incorporating our knowledge and experience with cannabis infusions we’re able to set customized dosages according to each guests personal tolerance, and monitor to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained.

Cannabis Dining Experiences
If you use marijuana to self medicate and have yet to try edible cannabis, then you must explore the experience of infused dining for yourself. If you’re a resident in the Toronto/GTA then we have the ability to come to your home and cook up a freshly prepared multi-course meal for you and your invited guests.  You can consult directly with our staff to come up with the perfect dinner menu, with select dishes to be infused with medicinal cannabis for a delightful and pleasurable evening to be had by everybody.

To get more information on pricing, or to connect with our staff to discuss setting up an event, please visit our page on PRIVATE CANNABIS FUNCTIONS

Experience, Education, Enjoyment

Ask anybody who’s ever been to one of our events and I think you’ll struggle to get anything but positive reviews all around.  There’s something quite remarkable about absorbing THC, CBD and a full-spectrum of other cannabinoids while enjoying a truly superb meal. We’re fortunate to have dealt with so many wonderful people while doing these events and every Infused Dining Experience we’ve run so far has been fun and unique in its own way. We’re excited to keep raising the bar and continuing to contribute to the advancement and evolution of “Culinary Cannabis”.

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