Assistance for Medical Users

Baking and Cooking with Cannabis

We are strong advocates for easy access to cannabis in edible format. Medical users do have a civil right to use cannabis in whichever format is most useful for them, but there is still new ground to break with regards to being able to easily provide it to them. We are committed to helping people in need but we are still governed by existing laws, regulations and restrictions.

We offer direct consultation to most people who express interest with us, and we have a variety of recommendations we can relay depending on each individuals needs and situation.  If you are interested in using edibles and looking for information or for options, we encourage you to complete our intake form as a first step to becoming an official member with us. Please note you will be asked to declare the intention to use edible cannabis products as a means to treat, or find relief from one or more medical conditions. We also gather useful information from you to help us understand your experience level and the medical conditions you are looking to treat.

For the most part, we make edible products for clients using marijuana they already possess, or has been acquired on their behalf. We work with concentrates made in-house along with select ingredients, turning it all into high quality, accurately dosed cannabis edibles.

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