Cannabis Cooking Service

Baking and Cooking with Cannabis

Our cooking and baking service entails using marijuana that you already possess, along with select ingredients that we provide, and turning it all into marijuana edibles so that you can keep and enjoy at your own leisure. With creativity and skill, cooking with cannabis offers many alternative consumption options. We are bringing the science straight to your door, and doing all of the grudging work involved so you can relax and wait to enjoy self medicating in a delectable way.

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How to Place an Order with us if you have medical cannabis

  1. Complete Your Information on Our Client Form
  2. Follow-Up Consult with one of our staff
  3. Purchase the selected Service in our Shop or via Email Funds Transfer
  4. Ship your cannabis to our PO Box via Canada Post or coordinate drop off.
  5. Select what type of edibles you’d like in return.
  6. Completed orders will be shipped back to you via Canada Post.
Note: Our facilities are often booked to capacity, so there can be delays upto 4 weeks on certain custom orders.

If You Don’t Have Direct Access to Medical Cannabis

The core reason for our services is to assist medical marijuana patients in converting their medication from flower format, to more easily ingested formats. The fact is Cannabis Edibles are not currently made available for sale from Health Canada approved producers; only cannabis flower and select concentrates are obtainable from an LP. So to get edible cannabis products, you must either buy cannabis with a physician issued prescription and provide it to us, or you can choose to work with another 3rd party approved Caregiver.


We can assist with the steps in connecting with a Physician obtain a prescription. This will Require a Paid Membership with a Cannabis Health organization.

Get Prescription for Marijuana


There are select Caregiver Organizations that we recommend who can guide you through your options and help you obtain easy access to high quality edibles.

Where to Get Edibles

Favorite Weed Edibles

These are simply some of our favorite recipes

weed brownies

Incredible Weed Brownies

Available using one of three separate extraction methods of your choice, our brownies are not only moist, but also bursting with chocolaty flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth.

weed cookies

Fabulous Weed Cookies

Available in gluten and sugar free by request, and your choice in extraction method, this cookie can compete with any award winning grandmother’s secret recipe.

weed chocolate mousse

Chocolate Ganja Mousse

Our experts can prepare our delightfully light mousse and infuse it with the extract of your choice. we consult with you prior to production to ensure your desired medicated needs based on your specific requirements.

green ceasar salad

Green Caesar

A traditional classic with a euphoric flare. Available only with a Glycerin/Shatter infused dressing, amounts and desired medical effects are determined prior in our consultation


Sheppard’s High

Another traditional and hearty masterpiece, perfect for a cold winter’s day. Available with the extract of your choice determined in our consultation.

high thai soup

High Thai Curry Soup

This spicy favorite infused with medicated extract rates extremely high by our fans. It can be prepared with seafood, chicken or vegetarian style to please any palette.

Got Food Allergies?

Not a problem! let us know so we can customize your menu appropriately.

Cotton Candy Kush Table

Cotton Candy Kush

This was one of our biggest hits and most requested services in 2016. And we expect in 2017 we will be spinning more Cotton Candy than ever before. For your next party or event within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), look into booking our Cotton Candy Kush service.

Who Doesn't Love Weed Brownies

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