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Cannabis Caregiver Request Form

We operate our services under the changing Canadian laws and guidelines of medical cannabis, and our mission includes helping patients in need access to safe and reliable options. We are not mandated to regulate or supervise a persons choice of freedom, and in general we fully support the cannabis healing community as a whole. We would be happy to discuss your unique situation and circumstances. In the case where we have an inability to help directly, we can provide consultation, referrals and recommendations to safe and reputable options.

A caregiver is permitted to grow cannabis on your behalf for medical purposes, and also includes the ability to convert medical marijuana into specific concentrates or edibles. Upon submitting this request, you will be contacted within 24 hours by a caregiver representative that will walk you through the quickest way to get edibles.

Caregiver Application Process Step1

We’d like to start by getting to know you.

Our services includes personalized consultation and guidance. Pardon if we’re getting a bit personal, but we’re only here to assist you. The best way in which we can help you, starts with getting to know you a little better. Please offer some due diligence by connecting with us on social media in any number of the following ways.


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I declare my intention to use edibles is for the purpose to treat one or more medical conditions, and I invoke my right to medicate with products made with cannabis, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as outlined in the Supreme Court of Canada Decision in R. v. Smith. In addition I agree to handle such products responsibly and to keep all medications locked away from children and other persons.


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