Cannabis Edibles Safety

Cannabis Edibles Safety

Our feedback so far has been astoundingly positive. The simple act of medicating with a “food product” over a pill or other form of medication just seems to make so many people feel more comforted.

As good as it can be, edibles still contain potent medication and if ingested by small children, animals or unsuspecting adults, could lead to an unfavorable outcomes and even harm.

Whether its for recreational or medicinal use, it should be universally understood that people must follow similar safety precautions with Edible Cannabis products as they would with alcohol or with any other medications like over the counter pain killers and prescription drugs.

Public Consumers

Let’s make a pledge to act responsibly. We must protect the right to use cannabis edibles so now is the time to set the reasonably acceptable standards. The public has a responsibility to embrace cautionary measures and always put safety first.
  • Always Keep Away From Small Children & Pets
  • Accessible to 19+ only
  • Never Drive While Under the Influence


For producers of cannabis products it will be mandatory to follow numerous guidelines.

  • Meet current food safety standards
  • Use lab tested cannabis
  • Precise and accurate measurement
  • Tamper Proof Consumer Packaging
  • Clean Production Facility


Before you start with edibles, first timers should experiment with small amounts of medicated product to see how their body will react at a given dose, and then move up slowly from there.

Get Started Here

It is within your civil rights to medicate with edible cannabis products. We aim is to help as many people as possible and have designed our Pre-Qualification intake form to collect information that will assist us in making the best recommendations for all types of requests and inquiries.


Let's Cook

Please take note of the following:

We do not have a storefront location. We offer telephone consultations and all approved product is shipped via Canada Post.

For legal reasons we will only consider serving those who complete one of our Membership Forms and indicate therein the intention to treat one or more medical conditions. If you are making a first time inquiry we highly suggest that you to do so via the Green Chef Registration Form.

We have listed a general telephone number, however we are often quite busy in the kitchen or dealing with existing patients, and unable to get to the phone. We strive to answer all requests, but if you simply leave a voicemail there is a possibility your inquiry can get overlooked. Other than scheduled consultation or follow-up calls, please use digital means of communicating with us for first time inquiries.

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