The Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Understanding the effects and how to dose properly

Edibles Dose for Beginners

Edibles can be a great way to consume medical marijuana but it’s important that you know and understand what you are taking into your body. Some items can be very potent and often it’s impossible to tell how strong something might be just by looking at it or smelling it, or even taking just a small nibble. Health Canada suggests that 10mg represents a proper dose for most people, however there are products on the market ranging from 5mg to 150mg, and some extreme dosage items can even go above 300mg of thc, because they appeal to those people with very high tolerances. We recommend when you start using edibles for the first time, that you go very slowly, and you take steps to identify what dosage is correct for you so you don’t over medicate. At the beginning, ensure you have enough medical product to experiment with and start by taking a very little piece to see how it might affect you.

How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick In

One facet that’s very important is knowing how slowly or quickly you will feel the effects come on. Cannabis infused food products affect your body differently from smoking cannabis and so there are some important basic questions that you want to be asking before you try doing any edibles for the first time.

  • How soon will I feel something?
  • Will it come on right away, or will it slowly creep up on me?
  • Are there external factors that alter the effectiveness?
Many edibles can start taking an initial effect on the body as quickly as within 5 to 15 minutes, and then continue to become stronger as they are broken down in your stomach and digestive system. Still some items release the medication differently and take much longer. It’s possible for it to take between 90min or even up to 2 hours before you first take notice. It’s also possible still for the medication to have an initial surge that quickly dilutes after a half hour, only to re-surge a few hours later and last several more. Experiences can vary not only from product to product, but from person to person.

Some inexperienced people are prone to get into trouble because they take a product and then assume it hasn’t worked because some time has passed and they don’t yet feel the full effect. If this occurs and a person decides to take a second helping to get a boost, they may soon realize the effects of the first bite start to kick in and combine with that of the second; and before you know it you’re over medicated and staring uncomfortably into space. This is really what you want to avoid and why it’s a good practice to take it slow until you are familiar with a new product.

How Long Do Edibles Last

It’s important to remember that the medication in edibles is absorbed through ingestion which is more delayed than when smoking or inhaling vapors. In general edibles have a slow release effect that can be more or less apparent, depending on the item and the ingredients that make it up. The sugar in very sweet items like brownies or cookies, seems to deliver thc fairly quickly, whereas eating something savory with more starch or even a gummy with gelatin base, can take a lot longer to take affect. In addition, you should take into consideration other external factors that might affect things, like last time you ate or other substances you have ingested.

Factors that can increase or decrease the effect of eating edibles
  • Whether or not you’ve consumed any alcohol, before or after taking edibles.
  • Whether or not you’ve eaten, before or after taking edibles.
  • Whether or not you’re┬átaking in combination with other medications.
  • Persons body chemistry.
  • Persons usage history
  • Persons tolerance to thc.
  • Type of edible


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