We Love Cooking With Cannabis

Canada’s Top Choice for Cannabis Edibles

The Green Chef has developed a reputation for creating extremely high quality cannabis edibles where dosage is dependably accurate and consistent. They strive to perfect the art of using food to deliver the healing characteristics contained within cannabis. They are well recognized and trusted by cannabis enthusiasts and by peers in the cannabis community.

For the last several years they have been infusing food items with an array of broad spectrum concentrates and isolates, producing products with varying combinations of cannabinoids. These products are made only with quality ingredients, and with an emphasis on freshness. Presently they are working to obtain a processing license in order to develop and manufacture products for the upcoming segment of the recreational market; and are forming collaborations with licensed partners to leverage the brand value and get products to market as quickly as possible.


The Green Chef brand was originally formed in 2015 by Michael Morgan and Guy Kramer. It came from a love of cannabis, medicating with both flower and concentrates, and a basic understanding of how to use them as an ingredient. They created and tested their own products to gauge results. Once the website was published documenting some of the knowledge, they got an immediate public response and quickly learned that for some people, smoking marijuana on a regular and consistent basis, or even at all was not something desirable or even at all possible. What options did these people have if they had no capacity to inhale smoke or vapors.

They continued to experiment in the kitchen, and soon began working with a group of Canadian veterans who were getting started with medical cannabis. Dealing with depression, debilitating injuries, PTSD and other conditions, these soldiers were receiving abundant quantities of medical cannabis through the system and were looking for alternative ways to medicate with their flower. The Green Chef was eager to help and started doing some small scale extractions using ethanol or butane. From there they would decarb the concentrate and introduce measured amounts into prepared food items which were requested. CBD brownies for after breakfast and THC cookies for the evening, was common.

Today they continue to assist members on a consultation basis whenever possible, working with them to explore all options that are available.