We Love Cooking With Cannabis


Michael Morgan working from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, is the owner, operator of TheGreenChef Canada. We are a company focused on unleashing the power of cannabis using non-combustible forms of consumption for those people who cannot or choose not to smoke. The Green Chef in its true essence is a brand and a concept, and not an actual person. In fact there are many great cannabis chefs working in today’s budding industry, each one with their own style and approach. It’s been a privilege to be able to meet and even work directly with some of them.

We started back in early 2016 as part of the legacy market or grey market, helping medical users gain access to edible products when they primarily only had access to flower.  We started working intensively with a small group of veterans making custom edibles from their medical cannabis supply making it much easier for some to medicate effectively for issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression and pain.

From there our reputation grew and we were quickly overwhelmed with the number of people reaching out to us for help. The majority of requests we received related specifically to addressing symptoms of sometimes severe or even terminal medical issues people were dealing with.

To date we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from everyone who’s come to us for assistance and guidance when it comes to consuming and medicating with edible cannabis. We take pride in aiming to perfect the craft, but the direct response alone has given us reason to believe that we’re definitely doing something right.

We hope to keep doing this in a meaningful way and we’re always working on ways to reach and help more people. Doing this right is not just about coming up with great products that people love to consume – Taking things to the next level involves perfecting the process of accurately, evenly and consistently infusing items at scale as part of the manufacturing process; and doing it legally also involves working within the confines of regulations that exist.

In 2021 we are continuing to find our place in a quickly growing and evolving marketplace. We’re working to transition our operation from the Craft Cannabis Grey Market, to being able to take part in the licensed and regulated Recreational space. Presently we’re working to build new strategic partnerships that will help us refine our approach and get us to the licensed market quicker.

From Legacy to Licensed

Our playbook includes several tentative approaches including white label distribution, collaboration with existing licensed processors, and putting together plans to set up our own licensed manufacturing facility down the road.   If you have interest in investing or collaborating, we’d love for you to reach out and spark a discussion with us.


Our expertise comes from knowledge acquired through practical experience and trial and error in the kitchen. Our concept and test products will always be made with high quality ingredients and top grade cannabis. And our process development will always focus on achieving accurate and consistent dosing.

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