Israel’s Cannabis Industry Blazes AheadIsrael’s Cannabis Industry Blazes Ahead

While the world moves away from the war on drugs, and embraces legalization and normalization of Cannabis, Israel will not be left behind.

Israel, A world leader in technology, and a haven for startups, is easing its regulations on the growing and distribution of Cannabis. This will not only allow healthy competition, but also make things easy for medical users. Crunch Network recently reported on the change and how it will affect the industry.

The Best Part of Legalization.

since the failed war on drugs began, many upstanding citizens have had to hide their use like criminals. Jails were and are full of Marijuana related crimes, and the use of a drug that has never killed anyone is frowned upon by the general population who have been educated with lies and fallacies by prohibitionists who have no idea of the benefit this plant has to offer.

With legalization around the corner, users will no longer be seen as criminals, and the crime rings that control the trade will vanish, or move on to more sinister things.  As reported by The Cornwall Free News, the Cannabis industry is ready, exited about not having to worry about being branded criminals, and are eagerly awaiting full legalization.