Windsor Ontario Opens Canada’s Largest Cannabis Vape Lounge.

A vape lounge is a place for medicinal Cannabis users to administer their medication during the day without having to publicly broadcast their use.

While drugs, alcohol and tobacco are strictly forbidden, medicinal users can bring in their Cannabis and enjoy it using a wide selection of vaping apparatus. As mentioned in The National Post, the one catch is that the establishment can’t ask patrons for their medical prescriptions, as they have no obligations to show them their private medical information.

The establishment is trying to keep everything within its legal boundaries, and police have responded saying they will investigate on a complaint basis.

Lets hope they have no spiteful prohibitionist  neighbors, and they should be fine.

Transdermal Patch anyone?

Ever had one of those lazy days where you don’t feel like smoking, eating or vaping your medication? Fear not! there is now a Transdermal Patch available for your convenience.

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Kosher Kush in Canada

Should There be Kosher Cannabis in Canada?

The answer from the Kashruth Council is that there is no need if its medicine. Agreed! however what about recreational use, where the Cannabis is being used for cooking?

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Not Enough Oil to go Around!

High Demand for Cannabis Oil

With the recent approval by the government to allow licensed corporate cannabis farms to produce oil, many still find themselves without their medication.

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Another Victim of the War on Drugs

Prohibition is vile. An Ottawa boy relies on Cannabis oil to help with his seizures. CBC Reports that as a result of current antiquated laws, his mother has to produce the oil herself, taking $1300 away from their monthly budget.

Although legalization is on its way, Trudeau’s Liberal Government are dragging their heals with no forward movement reported yet. The current Sloth-like pace advancements made are positive, but more needs to be done, and quicker, in order to provide those in need quicker access to their medication, and to have law abiding citizens not branded as criminals any longer.