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We’re all aware that according to popular opinions the use of Cannabis in treatment for many ailments and medical conditions is overwhelmingly beneficial. However for some people smoking marijuana on a regular and consistent basis, or even at all, may not be something desirable or even at all possible. What options do people have if they don’t have any taste for inhaling smoke or vapors. We are cannabis enthusiasts who just love the art of taking marijuana and turning it into creative formats for consumption. The Green Chef is quickly becoming the top rated source for Marijuana Edibles Toronto. We love to smoke, we love to cook, and with big changes occurring in government legislation we are positioned to be on the forefront of this industry by bringing Green variety to the Toronto population, and across Canada. Be sure to join our community here at the Green Chef and enjoy the boundless variations of Nature’s best resource.


Upon retrieval of  your marijuana, our cooking facility will process it into the desired state that you select, and then return it back to you for your personal use. Prepared, measured, ready to eat.

Cooking Weed Edibles


We are pro legalization, and we can assist with the steps in connecting with a Physician obtain a prescription and become fully legal to purchase medicinal marijuana within Canada.

Get Prescription for Marijuana


Before you start with edibles, first timers should experiment with small amounts of medicated product to see how their body will react at a given dose, and then move up slowly from there.

Dose for Beginners


If you are hosting a special event or an evening with friends, we can set-up our mobile lab at your location and using your weed, we can prepare an in-house feast to be served directly to your guests.

Serve Marijuana Infused Edibles


It is not always simple or easy to find good quality edibles. LPs don’t offer them and many Dispensaries are not stocking them, so it’s important to find a reputable and trusted source.

Where to Get Edibles


An experienced person or group can be assigned to help manage medical cannabis requirements. Please complete the preliminary form so we could guide you with the best options available.

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How To Become A Patient

Consult with a Doctor

With present laws the legal purchase and possession of medical marijuana and related products must follow regulations set forth by Health Canada. There are already thousands of Canadians who have been prescribed medical marijuana to treat a vast number of conditions and ailments such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and many others.

If you do not currently hold a valid prescription for medical treatment, but suffer from any condition for which cannabis treatment is routinely recommended by a phycisian, our official partner CannaConnect can assist you with the mandate set forth under the MMPR – Marihuana for Medical Purpose Regulations

Through a trusted network of physicians and licensed cannabis producers, they can help Canadians get in touch with educated doctors, obtaining a prescription and aid qualified patients in getting medications sent directly to them.

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