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It’s our Mission to help spread awareness and education about
the benefits of edibles, proper usage and critical safety precautions to follow.

If you choose to consume edibles it’s your obligation to Get Educated and to Enjoy and Medicate Responsibly. We hope you will use this website to learn more about edible cannabis and we encourage you to sign-up with us for expert consultation and guidance.


We are presently working to take the products we have developed and tested in our kitchen over the last number of years, and build out licensed and compliant production facilities so the whole country can gain access to what we’re doing.

We’ve always focused on products made with quality ingredients, using precise measurement for accurate and consistent medicinal dosage. In creating a full scale facility to be able to meet demand our aim is to hold true to these fundamental principals.

The Best Marijuana Edibles in Canada

We are cannabis enthusiasts who just love the art of taking marijuana and turning it into creative formats for consumption. Legalization is finally here but we still have some important ground to break. As either a “medical” or a “recreational” user, assuming there was actually a clear line between the two, you are now able to purchase cannabis from an approved source without a medical prescription. Hooray, it’s about time!

Now if you just want to smoke pot then your options have opened up considerably; however for some people smoking marijuana on a regular and consistent basis or even at all, may not be something desirable or even at all possible. What options do these people have if they don’t have a taste for inhaling smoke or vapors.

We get many inquiries from recreational users, however our main focus remains helping medical patients. We continue to get hundreds of request from people who are suffering from a multitude of ailments and diseases, and whom are desperately seeking alternatives to taking prescription drugs. Surprisingly many of these requests are coming to us from people who have never tried pot before and are curious and excited to try. So far it’s both a pleasure and a privilege to be able to assist first timers and experienced users alike.

New legislation is currently being created. We are here to help with the understanding, patience and mutual cooperation of our customers. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and are proud to be have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable resource to many people searching for Marijuana Edibles in Toronto and within the rest of Canada.

Please take time to review the information throughout our website and be sure to join our community here at the Green Chef by completing our intake form. Even if we do not have the right solution for you, we will continue to share our insight and knowledge as we move into the era of legalized cannabis.


From a recreational perspective, now that “Legalization” is here, you are permitted to make cannabis infused food and drinks in your own home. You are however, restricted from using any organic solvents to create cannabis concentrates.

On a direct retail level, recreational edibles or concentrates are unfortunately not expected to be available for sale for another year while the federal government and Health Canada work to establish appropriate regulations and guidelines.

From a medical standpoint edible marijuana products must still be accessible to patients based on the Supreme Court of ruling in R. v. Smith which states “restricting medical access to marijuana to its dried form is inconsistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” and in accordance with section 56 class exemption issued after the decision.

In terms of accessibility, at present a medical patient still does not have the ability to purchase a cannabis edible product such as a brownie or a cookie directly from a Licensed Producer (LP) because Health Canada has not approved them to sell or distribute these type of cannabis derivative products.


It is our passion to help people access medicinal cannabis products for the purposes of treating medical conditions and to which they are entitled; but safety still always comes first. We are working hard to provide education, guidance and public awareness around establishing proper widely accepted safety standards as with other types of medication.

Public Awareness

Even though there is a growing number of cannabis enthusiasts who are experienced taking their marijuana this way, medicating with edibles is still a new concept to many people. We try to do our part in helping educate Canadians on the specifics of cooking and ingesting cannabis and derivative products by sharing our experiences wherever we can.

The Green Living Show 2

2017 Green Living Show – Cooking Demo

O'Cannabiz Cooking Demo

2017 O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo – Cooking Demo


Education on Edibles Safety is a top priority. Consuming Edible Cannabis products can be extremely therapeutic and pleasurable when taken properly, however if you are a novice and inadvertently ingest more thc than your personal tolerance level can handle, then you can end up having a bad trip. Nobody wants this to happen, but with proper precaution taken a bad experience is 100% preventable.

Let’s do all we can to avoid overdoing it, and minimize bad experiences. Let’s keep cannabis use fun and safe. Its recommended to start experimenting with low dosages to see what your body can handle, and only increase your dosage with moderation.

caution-1Keep Away From Children & Pets

caution-1Start Low and Go Slow

caution-1Consume with a Friend

caution-1Determine your Tolerance Level

caution-1Never Drive High

caution-1Act Responsibly



Upon retrieval of  your marijuana, our cooking facility will process it into the desired state that you select, and then return it back to you for your personal use. Prepared, measured, ready to eat.

Cooking Weed Edibles


We are pro legalization, and we can assist with the steps in connecting with a Physician obtain a prescription and become fully legal to purchase medicinal marijuana within Canada.

Get Prescription for Marijuana


Before you start with edibles, first timers should experiment with small amounts of medicated product to see how their body will react at a given dose, and then move up slowly from there.

Dose for Beginners


If you are hosting a special event or an evening with friends, we can set-up our mobile lab at your location and using your weed, we can prepare an in-house feast to be served directly to your guests.

Serve Marijuana Infused Edibles


It is not always simple or easy to find good quality edibles. LPs don’t offer them and many Dispensaries are not stocking them, so it’s important to find a reputable and trusted source.

Where to Get Edibles

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It is within your civil rights to medicate with edible cannabis products. We aim is to help as many people as possible and have designed our Pre-Qualification intake form to collect information that will assist us in making the best recommendations for all types of requests and inquiries.



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Please take note of the following:

We do not have a storefront location. We offer telephone consultations and all approved product is shipped via Canada Post.

For legal reasons we will only consider serving those who complete one of our Membership Forms and indicate therein the intention to treat one or more medical conditions. If you are making a first time inquiry we highly suggest that you to do so via the Green Chef Registration Form.

We have listed a general telephone number, however we are often quite busy in the kitchen or dealing with existing patients, and unable to get to the phone. We strive to answer all requests, but if you simply leave a voicemail there is a possibility your inquiry can get overlooked. Other than scheduled consultation or follow-up calls, please use digital means of communicating with us for first time inquiries.

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