We’re cannabis enthusiasts who love the art of taking flower and turning it into creative formats for consumption. Through extensive work with clients, partners and our exposure from participating in public demonstrations, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable resource to many people in Canada searching for Edibles.


Public Awareness

Health Canada has published a list of requirements and restrictions for permissible products. They specifically limit the potency to protect consumers against over consumption. There are some common sense guidelines when consuming Edible cannabis, and users should have a good understanding before using it. It’s our Mission to help spread awareness and education about of edibles, the benefits, safe dosages, onset, duration of effects, and safety precautions to follow in order to consume or medicate responsibly. We connect with as many people as possible and enjoy participating in public demonstrations and podcast interviews.

New Product Development

We are mastering the art of cooking with cannabis by selecting different strains to work with based on their inherent qualities. With an understanding of what your consumer wants, it becomes possible to engineer products to closely match the feeling they are after.

We are presently working to develop some new food and beverage products and bring them to the upcoming recreational market. We’re collaborating with various partners to build out licensed and compliant production so the whole country can gain access to what we’re doing.

Assistance for Medical Users

We get hundreds of requests from people suffering from a multitude of ailments and diseases, who desperately seek alternatives to taking prescription drugs. Surprisingly many of these requests are coming from people who’ve never tried cannabis before and are curious and excited to try. We are connected with numerous clinics and can happily refer people to the right place if they wish to acquire a prescription to use medical cannabis. And we also help people gain access to edibles by navigating through the boundaries that are set within Health Canada’s Cannabis Act.

Private Functions and Events

Working within the guidelines of the Cannabis Act, we are able to offer a range of unique client experiences that involve cannabis infused food. We are available to help with the organization of private dinners, corporate team building, getaway retreats, cooking with cannabis educational workshops and special events. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us for an upcoming event.


Education on Edibles Safety is a top priority. Consuming Edible Cannabis products can be extremely therapeutic and pleasurable when taken properly, however if you are a novice and inadvertently ingest more thc than your personal tolerance level can handle, then you can end up having a bad trip. Nobody wants this to happen, but with proper precaution taken a bad experience is 100% preventable.

Let’s do all we can to avoid overdoing it, and minimize bad experiences. Let’s keep cannabis use fun and safe. Its recommended to start experimenting with low dosages to see what your body can handle, and only increase your dosage with moderation.

caution-1Keep Away From Children & Pets

caution-1Start Low and Go Slow

caution-1Consume with a Friend

caution-1Determine your Tolerance Level

caution-1Never Drive High

caution-1Act Responsibly


Become a Member

If you choose to consume edibles it’s your obligation to get educated and to enjoy and consume safely and responsibly. Use this website to learn more about edible cannabis and also we encourage you to sign-up with us for expert consultation and guidance. We’re here to help with the understanding, patience and mutual cooperation of our customers.


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